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Soft Launch of My Health Record’s New Healthi App

Consumers can now access and view their My Health Record (MyHR) on mobile devices with the soft launch of the Healthi app, the first authorised consumer app to link to the national system since the My Child’s eHealth Record app was released back in 2013.

According to the user notes, Healthi does not retain any information from the records, instead storing the information on the device temporarily while it is being viewed and removing it when the app is closed. It has PIN code and encryption key security with information protected in transit over the Internet using TLS 1.2.

Download Healthi AppThe app promises to advance your family’s health with a summary of recent healthcare visits, allergies and medications. See what’s in your My Health Record: prescriptions, lab test results, imaging reports and hospital discharge summaries.

The app includes a summary screen, two searchable document screens, as well as allergies and medications data, including prescriptions and PBS items.

It also allows users to access the records of children or other family members who have given authorised or nominated representative consent, with a function allowing easy movement between each family member’s records.

The app has been made available at the website with little fanfare but is now available on the App Store and Google Play. More information is available here.

Email: (24 hour support)

In-app support: visit FAQ and online query form (24 hour support)





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