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Falls Prevention

In NSW falls lead to approximately 27,000 hospitalisations and at least 400 deaths in people aged 65 years and over every year.

Falls are a major cause of harm to older people and fall-related injuries result in significant costs to the health care and aged care systems. However, research has demonstrated that many falls can be prevented.

Risk Factors

Risk factors for falls among older people include walking and balance deficits, impaired vision, use of certain medications, and other medical conditions.


There are many steps an older person can take to reduce the risk of having a fall in their home or in the community. These include:

  • Undertaking exercise programs that improve balance and muscle strength such as Tai Chi
  • Home assessment and modification to remove fall hazards
  • Medication review by your general practitioner
  • Eating healthy food and drinking water regularly

To find a seniors exercise program in your area visit the Active and Healthy or CHEGS websites. Click on the resource links to find out more information about falls and fall prevention.