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Helping U 2 Quit

The Helping U 2 Quit Program is a free, evidence-based quit smoking support groups run by qualified facilitators, over 3-6 weeks. The program is a community health initiative being delivered by CHEGS Inc, in partnership with Northern NSW Local Health District Health Promotion.

The program will help people who smoke to develop their own skills and knowledge about smoking, how to quit, and how to stay a non-smoker in a supportive environment. This is important because:

  • Tobacco smoking still causes more disease than any other risky behaviour with it damaging almost every organ of the body
  • At least 50% of all smokers die prematurely
  • If people can quit smoking by the time they are 30 years of age, they can avoid 97% of the risks associated with their smoking; and if they quit by 40, then they avoid 90% of the risk
  • Attending a support group is proven to increase the chances of people successfully quitting smoking

You can express your interest in participating in a support group by phoning Gavin Dart on (02) 6620 2553 or Health Professionals can refer their clients by completing and returning a referral form.

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